Off Broadway Shoes

Secure Shopping

  1. Will Off Broadway Shoes sell or rent my e-mail address to other companies?
  2. No. We consider the information you choose to share with us to be confidential and will not sell or rent any personal or identifying information you submit through our website. We use the personally identifiable information you provide for internal purposes, such as confirming and tracking your order, analyzing trends and statistics, and informing you of our new products, services and special offers. You can find a complete description of how we use personally identifying information in our Privacy Policy.

  3. Is my credit card information secure?
  4. At Off Broadway Shoes, we take every precaution to ensure that your personal information is safe with us. Every step of our online ordering process that involves credit card information employs Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. SSL renders information unreadable should anyone attempt to intercept it, keeping your information safe.

  5. How can I be removed from the mailing list?
  6. You can be removed by calling 1-800-248-0881 or e-mailing Customer Service. By unsubscribing, you will no longer be a member of the Rewards Program and will not receive special discounts or coupons.

  7. I forgot my password, what should I do?
  8. In the event you have forgotten your password, please click “Forgot Your Password” in the “My Account” tab, then enter your e-mail address and select “Request Password.” An e-mail will be sent to you with a temporary code which you can then use to change your password on our secure website.

  9. I need to updated my account information, how do I do that?
  10. You can change your contact information, shipping address and billing information by simply signing into your account and making any necessary changes there.