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These days every guy wants a pair of men’s casual shoes that defines versatility. You’re looking for shoes to transport you from the morning commute to the office, from the mid-morning coffee run to the staff meeting, and from the post-work pickup basketball game to the after-school pickup carpool line. What’s more, you want this pair of men’s casual shoes to be stylish, durable, and comfortable. At Off Broadway Shoes, we don’t believe that’s asking for too much.

Off Broadway Shoes believes that when it comes to men’s casual shoes, you should be able to take on all of life’s challenges and adventures without having to change into a new pair of men’s work shoes every time you start a new activity or task. Our large selection of name brand casual and work shoes will have you looking good and feeling better as you take on each new day. Whether you’re looking for a pair of comfortable leather slip-ons, or a pair of classic old school basketball shoes to rock on the court, or to wear on casual Friday, Off Broadway Shoes has what you are looking for.