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An active lifestyle calls for New Balance athletics that are up to the task.


New Balance shoes are among the most popular in the world because the brand does something few others do – it manufactures shoes in a variety of widths. Furthermore, the company’s attention to comfort is second to none. Also, unlike many other shoe manufacturers, New Balance continues to maintain a manufacturing presence in the United States. So whether you’re looking for New Balance running shoes, comfortable shoes for walking, or casual shoes for work or leisure, you’ll find Off Broadway Shoes has the most complete selection and styles of New Balance shoes that you’re looking for, and we have them at the best prices, too.

New Balance was originally founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1906 by William J. Riley under the name, the New Balance Arch Support Company. The company’s initial goal was to bring flexible arch support to the industry, something that was sorely lacking at the time. In 1960, New Balance finally entered the shoe manufacturing game, launching its first running shoe called the Trackster. The Trackster was the world's first running shoe to feature an innovative ripple sole, and the first to be made available in varying widths. 

Today, New Balance shoes continue to lead the way in the world of innovation. For instance, the company is responsible for advanced technical features like heel contours and blended gel inserts. Shoes like the New Balance 009 are standouts in superior comfort and arch support. New Balance running shoes are also among the most favored footwear of marathon runners, soccer players, and other athletes.

At Off Broadway Shoes, we have a large inventory of New Balance shoes to choose from, including popular styles like the New Balance311. We have them in a wide array of colors and styles, so finding the perfect pair to suit your style is easy. Choose from the classic New Balance515, Girls Urge, Boys Nitrel, Women’s District Run sneakers, Men’s New Balance 410 shoes, and so many others. And, we even have extra-wide widths for those who need them. If you have always had difficulty finding a perfect-fitting pair of shoes for your workout, you need to try New Balance running shoes. Purchase your next pair of New Balance shoes from Off Broadway today, and enjoy the improved quality of life that comes from wearing well-made sneakers that fit right.

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